Ducted Air Conditioning

Ducted air conditioning works in exactly the same way as a split-system, except that it fans the cool air through ducts and into different rooms and even zones. It can also blow warm air—or even just act as a fan—through every vent or zone.

The beauty of ducted air conditioning is the ability to set a guaranteed temperature in your home. If it’s 40oC outside, you’ll feel the relief the moment you step inside. And in the middle of winter, you’ll be met with a comforting blanket of heat.

It does cost more to run than evaporative cooling and can cost nearly 3 times as much to install but for the initial outlay you do get a combined heating and cooling system. And if you’re worried about the running costs, we can arrange to install solar power for you. That means you’ll never need to worry about the cost of running the system during the day.

The benefits of ducted air conditioning:

Guarantees a comfortable temperature.

Heating and cooling in one system.

Allows you to create zones to cool or heat different rooms to different temperatures.

Running costs can be free during the day with solar power.

The entire unit is concealed. All you will see are the vents.

One Air’s 101: ducted air conditioning

Though they work on a similar principle, ducted air conditioning differs from a split system in that the entire unit is hidden—either in your roof space or on an outside wall. All you will be able to see are the vents. Ducted air conditioning is a wonderful way of making your home a comfort zone, no matter what the weather is outside.