Electric Heating

Talk about electric heating and it conjures up images of a small heater that you plug into the wall. In this case, you couldn’t be more wrong. Electric heating is, to put it simply, one system to heat and cool your entire house.

Now that we have your attention, let’s clarify that. Electric heating is the same as ducted air conditioning. The advantage is obvious—instead of installing two systems, one to heat and one to cool, with electric heating you can do both.

Not only is it a single solution to giving you air for all seasons, we can also arrange for solar power to be installed for you, which makes the entire system completely free to run during the day.

The benefits of electric heating:

One system, two functions. Save on installation costs.

Can be a great alternative where there is no natural or bottled gas.

When teamed with solar power it is free to run during the day.

The entire unit is concealed. All you will see are the vents.

System can be zoned so that not all rooms are heated or cooled.

One Air’s 101: electric heating

Works in a similar way to a split-system, but the unit is larger and hidden away. The warm air is distributed to rooms or zones within the building through concealed ducts. It is an excellent solution for both heating and cooling your home or office.