Evaporated Cooling

Without doubt, the cheapest way to cool your house by up to 10oC. Evaporative cooling is a simple system and cheap, costing anything from 3c to 15c per hour to run, depending on the size of the system.

Evaporative cooling works well on warm, dry days, but isn’t as effective in humid or really hot weather. On those days, the coolest place to be is under one of the vents, where the wind chill will feel fantastic.

Benefits of evaporative cooling:

Cheap to run.

Simple technology—the system effectively consists of a water pump and a fan.

Cheaper to purchase and install than a ducted-air conditioning system.

Very effective on warm, dry days—will cool the air by up to 10oC

As it is cools by humidifying the air, evaporative cooling won’t dry out the air.

Evaporative cooling does not require all doors and windows to be closed.

One Air’s 101: evaporative cooling

Warm air from outside the building is drawn into a cooling unit on the roof. The air is filtered through wet pads and, as the water from these pads evaporates, the temperature drops and this cooler air is blown through ducts by a fan. If you’re looking for a cheap way of keeping cool most, rather than all of the time, then evaporative cooling is a great solution.