Gas Ducted Heating

If you want to heat your whole home at the lowest possible cost, it’s difficult to look past gas ducted heating. Our customers love it because of the speed at which it can heat.

It can come with flexible zoning options that mean you can choose to heat certain places and not others, which saves you money on unnecessary costs. After all, if there’s a room you rarely use, why pay for it to be at a constant, comfortable room temperature?

Gas ducted heating produces a dry, comfortable heat which can be delivered to any part of your house that a duct can reach, and this flexibility means it can reach places that a split system can’t.

The benefits of gas ducted heating:

Installation is relatively quick, which makes it very affordable.

All the working parts are hidden away in the background. All you’ll notice is the heat.

It doesn’t take up valuable wall space.

The ability to create zones makes this type of heating so flexible that some customers even create a drying room to revolutionise the way they dry their laundry.

One Air’s 101: gas ducted heating

Natural gas or LPG is burned in a sealed environment and the heat is transferred to a heat exchanger. Cold air is warmed as it is forced over the heat exchanger by a fan, which then distributes the warm air through a series of ducts/outlets and recirculated.