Gas Space Heating

There’s something to be said for the glow of a real fire. So often in movies or books they are used as symbols of peace, comfort and romance.

But they do take a fair bit of effort. There’s the carrying of heavy logs and awkward kindling, problems lighting them—you don’t often see a room full of smoke in a movie scene—and, of course, the need to clean up sooty ashes the following day.

If you’re looking to add some of that real-fire magic without all the effort, then a gas log fire may well be for you. Not only are they beautiful to look at and easy to light, they are far more environmentally friendly than a wood burner.

The benefits of gas space heating

The magic of a real fire without all the effort.

Ideal for rooms where there is no space to feed ducts.

Beautiful designs can really become a feature in any room.

Temperature can easily be controlled.

Much kinder to the environment than burning wood.

One Air’s 101: gas space heating

A gas space heater produces heat by burning gas. That heat is either fanned into the room (convection) or radiates into the room, much like the heat of a real fire. If you have an old gas space heater and can’t remember the last time someone looked at it, it is really important to have it checked. The regulations may have changed since the fire was installed and it may no longer be considered safe. Checking your appliance isn’t filling your house with deadly carbon monoxide isn’t something to postpone. If you are in any doubt, pick up the phone and we will be happy to come and inspect it.