High-wall and Multi Head Split Systems

If you’re looking for an economical, single room cooler, it’s hard to look past a split system or multi head split systems. Not only are they quick to install, they’re cheap to run and ideal for those whose properties just don’t have any cavities for ducts.

What’s more, they’re equally effective for heating a room and the difference in cost between cooling and heating is negligible.

Benefits of a split system

Perfect for controlling temperature of single room.

Great for removing humidity.

Cheap to run and install.

No ducting required.

Can heat a room as well as cool it.

One Air’s 101: high-wall split system

A split system is so called because its components are split in two; an indoor unit and an outdoor unit. To put it simply, the system pumps a gas refrigerant between the two units. On the way in, it cools the air. On the way out, it takes the existing heat with it. A very economical way of cooling and heating a defined area.