Hydronic Heating

When it comes to heating, the Europeans know a thing or two. Hydronic heating is, without doubt, the most satisfying way to heat your home. In Europe, you’ll find it almost everywhere.

Rather than using hot air to heat your room, hydronic heating uses hot water. The result is a quiet, still, comfortable heat and, because water is a better conductor of heat than air, it’s more efficient to run than gas ducted heating.

The water is stored in radiators, and these come in different forms – usually with single, twin or three skin panels. Their gentle heat warms not just the room, but everything in it.

The benefits of hydronic heating:

There is no dust. The system is closed and therefore does not require the same maintenance as gas ducted heating.

It doesn’t dry out the air—some people are susceptible to dry air and can find it uncomfortable. That’s not a problem with hydronic heating.

There’s no air movement, as air is not being blown into the room through vents. Hydronic heating, therefore, is significantly quieter than gas ducted heating.

Hydronic heating is also cheaper to run than gas ducted heating.

Individual radiators can be turned on and off as required.

One Air’s 101: hydronic heating

Water is heated, usually by a gas boiler, and moves through sealed pipes into radiators placed around the home. It can be expensive to install, mainly because all the components are imported from Europe, but it’s reliable and efficient. In our view, it’s the most comfortable heat around and certainly worth the investment.